Robert Kirkman, Creator of The Walking Dead, Gets a New Horror TV Series at Cinemax


Robert Kirkman not only created The Walking Dead comic book series, but also serves as an executive producer on the insanely popular AMC television series that bears the same name. The Hollywood Reporter is now reporting that Kirkman’s upcoming comic Outcast is getting its own television series at Cinemax.

Kirkman is set to not only pen the pilot of Outcast, but to serve as an executive producer on the series. Both the comic and the series are set to be about a man named Kyle Barnes ‘who has been plagued by possession since he was a child’. Barnes goes on a journey for answers only to find that ‘what he uncovers could mean the end of life on Earth as we know it.’ While the comic of Outcast is set to be released in 2014, there is no word yet on when we can expect the television series to hit Cinemax.

THR talked to Kirkman, who was quoted as saying, “Despite the success of The Walking Dead, Outcast is only my second foray into the horror genre. I think Kyle Barnes is every bit as compelling as Rick Grimes and demonic possession is way scarier than zombies — so this is going to be fun”.

Demonic possession? Yeah, we here at Morbidly Amusing definitely think that’s going to be fun.


News Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter