Sam Raimi & Bruce Campbell Are Working On An ‘Evil Dead’ TV Series


While fans may be waiting the rest of their lives for the long-rumored Army of Darkness 2, Sam Raimi & company are now working on something that may just be an even more intriguing idea: an Evil Dead television series.

Sam Raimi announced to the Comic-Con masses this past week that he is currently working on the script for the potential series with brother Ivan and Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell. In the aftermath of the news, Campbell himself took to Twitter to let everyone know that the plan as of now is that he will star in the series, reprising his role as Ash Williams.

While not much is known about the potential series other than these proclamations by Raimi and Campbell, I couldn’t be more excited at the prospect. Here’s hoping the Evil Dead TV series ends up hitting small screens everywhere soon rather than later. Now that would be “groovy”.