Seth Rogan Teams With AMC To Possibly Bring ‘Preacher’ Comic To Life


According to Badass Digest, AMC has ordered a pilot based on the classic Vertigo comic Preacher by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon.  The site didn’t know exactly who was behind the shows pilot, but heard “the names are big and impressive.”  And one of those names may be Seth Rogen, who took to Twitter saying, “Looks like about seven of years of hard work are about to pay off. I may get to bring one of my favourite stories ever to life.”

Preacher tells the tale of down-and-out Texas preacher named Jesse Custer, who’s possessed by Genesis, a supernatural entity conceived by the unnatural mating of an angel and demon. Given strong powers, the Preacher teams with an old girlfriend and a hard-drinking Irish vampire, and sets out on a journey across America to find God who has abandoned heaven and hold him accountable for his negligence.

Could AMC hit gold twice with a successful TV show based after a comic book?  Chances are pretty high that the answer will be “yes”.


Courtesy of Badass Digest