Site Introduction

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Morbidly Amusing Productions was originally founded when we were all still college students at Rhode Island College with the original goal of making movies, primarily in the genre of horror and comedy. Our group consisted of founder Kyle “Dr. Morbid“ Cerilli, Andrew Cate, Ross Tweedy and stand-up comedian Kenny Nardozza.

While we successfully completed some short films and screenplays, our goal to complete a full-length feature film has yet to reach fruition. Our love for the horror genre, however, has led us on to create this website that will include reviews, news, podcasts and video content.

We hope that you will enjoy all the content that we will be providing for years to come. Our goal is to create the most comprehensive website for horror information and to be your go to place for horror reviews. We also want to create a bunch of video content for you to enjoy.


We look forward to your continued support,

Kyle “Dr. Morbid“ Cerilli