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Gentle Giant Resurrects A Controversial 1979 ‘Alien’ Figure

  Horror villains, such as Freddy and Jason, have always made good fodder for Boy’s action figures.  But back in 1979 there was an action figure that became so controversial that it was removed from shelves.  That action figure, created by Kenner, was an 18″ Alien figure, which was pulled because of parental complaints that […]

The Halloween Hit List: Nosferatu The Vampyre (1979)

THE HALLOWEEN HIT LIST NOSFERATU THE VAMPYRE (1979) Rated PG (Don’t let it fool you) 107 min. Written & Directed By Werner Herzog The story of Count Dracula is a tale as old as time. Bram Stoker’s novel is not just a classic in its own right, but has seen its fair share of classic movie […]