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The Halloween Hit List: Maniac Cop (1988)

THE HALLOWEEN HIT LIST MANIAC COP (1988)  Rated: R 85 mins. Written by: Larry Cohen Directed by: William Lustig William Lustig, director of the controversial Maniac, adds Cop to the end of the title and casts horror industry icons Bruce Campbell and Tom Atkins, creating an instant low-budget classic.  The story, if you can call it […]

The Halloween Hit List: Intruder (1989)

THE HALLOWEEN HIT LIST INTRUDER (1989)  Unrated Director’s Cut 88 min. Written & Directed By: Scott Spiegel The only proper way (in my eyes) to start off any horror film list is with a heavy dose of some 1980s cheese. Borne from the mind of Scott Spiegel, high school classmate of Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell […]