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New Official ‘300: Rise Of An Empire’ Trailer Released

  I was personally a huge fan of Zack Snyder’s visual feast known as 300 and the fantastic Watchmen, both based after amazing graphic novels.  I’ve also recently got into the show Spartacus, which takes the slow motion and vibrant visuals 300 used, making it one badass show.  So, when I found out about the sequel […]

‘300: Rise Of An Empire’ Trailer Conquers All

Before the blockbuster films Watchmen and Man of Steel, Zach Snyder was known for the over-the-top macho film 300.  About as historically inaccurate as one could get, 300 was the action-packed story about 300 Spartan warriors that stood against an Empire.  The sequel 300: Rise Of An Empire is due out in theaters March 7, 2014 […]