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Wes Craven: 1939-2015

On Sunday, the world lost one of the most iconic genre filmmakers of the last forty years. He burst onto the scene back in the 1970s with the controversial The Last House on the Left, created one of the most memorable horror villains of the 1980s in Freddy Krueger, and turned the genre he loved completely on […]

Freddy’s Back: New Line Cinema Is Rebooting ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’, Again

In news that will surprise absolutely no one, a movie studio is rebooting a franchise that made them money years ago in hopes that it will yet again make them some money. Now you may be wondering, what franchise could this possibly be? They’ve already rebooted just about everything! Well, it’s A Nightmare on Elm Street. Ya […]

‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’ Fan Film Showcases Freddy’s Early Years As The “Springfield Slasher”

  Our favorite dream demon Freddy Krueger has now appeared in nine different films, and though we know the entire story of his life, death and fiery resurrection, the story of Freddy’s life as the ‘Springwood Slasher’ long before the events of A Nightmare on Elm Street have never truly been shown.  This may be due […]

Dr. Morbid Wishes You A ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night’: Looking Back At The Controversial Christmas Classic

Many Americans, specifically religious or over-protective parents, view Christmas and specifically Santa Claus iconology as holy and something that should be kept innocent and “child-friendly”.  So when Silent Night, Deadly Night was released in 1984 there was bound to be some controversy when a man dressed up as Santa Clause began hacking people up.  Over […]

Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th (2013) Review

In honor of today being December, FRIDAY the 13th, 2013, what better way to celebrate than by watching the ultimate documentary entitled Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday The 13th.  That’s right the successful book that came out in 2006 has now spawned this evil documentary that occupies over 400 minutes of your […]

Black Christmas (1974) Review

Now this is what a slasher flick should be and exactly what I always want from the slasher movies these days but never get, hence my huge interest in the older slasher movies from time periods like the 80’s and 90’s. Four years before the unprecedented success of John Carpenter’s landmark American horror film “Halloween” […]

The Horror Remake Bloody Bracket – Round Two: My Bloody Valentine (2009) VS. A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

THE HORROR REMAKE BLOODY BRACKET Round Two The third matchup of Round Two takes another Wes Craven original updated for modern day and pits it against a 3D tale of a man and his pickaxe. Both films survived close battles in Round One. Which moves on? Morbidly Amusing debates. My Bloody Valentine  (2009) VS A Nightmare […]

The Horror Remake Bloody Bracket – Round One: A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) VS. I Spit on Your Grave (2010)

THE HORROR REMAKE BLOODY BRACKET Round One The sixth match-up of Round One pits a child murderer who exists only in your dreams against a woman hell-bent on revenge. The first is a remake of Wes Craven’s 1984 classic which changed the face of horror forever, while the latter updates a 1978 X-rated cult horror […]

NECA 1970’S Styled Freddy & Jason Toys

  Check out these 1970’s styled NECA Freddy and Jason 8″ toys which are fully posable and feature real fabric clothing, Both toys are currently available for pre-order from online toy outlets, and can be purchased for around $25 each.  They’re set to begin shipping in October. Freddy’s toy is based after his very first appearance […]