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Dr. Morbid’s Top 10 Best Horror Films of 2013

Merry Christmas boils and ghouls.  It has been a solid, if limited, year for the horror genre that was devoid of much big-screen attention.  Most of the films on this list either had a limited theatrical run or were just released to Video On Demand.  Hopefully next year horror films will start seeing a theatre […]

Chucky Returns In Follow-up To ‘Curse of Chucky’

  Curse of Chucky proved that there’s still plenty of life left in the Chucky franchise, and it looks like horror fans won’t have to wait too much longer for the next film as creator Don Mancini recently took to Twitter and hinted at a seventh film. Check it out for yourselves: DonMancini @RealDonMancini To […]

More “Curse of Chucky” Clips

I personally can’t wait for Curse of Chucky, which looks like a welcome return to form for everyone’s favorite doll serial killer.  And this time he’s terrorizing someone in a wheelchair, looks like I’m screwed!  Here are some more Curse of Chucky clips to hold you over until its October 8th Blu-ray and DVD release.     […]

“Chucky Slash & Dash” Game Announced

“Nobody fucks with the Chuck!”  Slimstown Studios announced an upcoming Chucky mobile game that is in development for both Apple and Android devices.  The game is an ‘endless runner’ where Chucky is forced to escape the Good Guys factory while, of course, killing security guards.  Here’s the  official teaser..     Courtesy of Arrow In […]