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‘Suspiria’ Blu-Ray Announced

About damn time!  Dario Argento’s classic film Suspiria, which has been covered in this years Halloween Hit List, is widely known and praised for both it’s cinematography and imaginative color use.  Well, prepare to have your eyes bleed with the release of the classic film on Blu-ray, thanks to Synapse Films, Inc. acquisition of the North […]

The Halloween Hit List: Suspiria (1977)

THE HALLOWEEN HIT LIST SUSPIRIA (1977) Rated X 92 min. Written By Dario Argento & Daria Nicolodi Directed By Dario Argento With our other month-long feature for Halloween season currently highlighting a string of recent horror remakes, it should come as no surprise that a remake of Dario Argento’s classic Suspiria has long been in development. At […]

Dario Argento’s Dracula 3D (2013) Review

Rated: R 106 minutes Written by: Dario Argento, Enrique Cenezo, Stefano Piani, Antonio Tentori Directed by: Dario Argento   The story of Dracula told by horror master Dario Argento. The story follows the Count as he feeds, and courts a woman named Mina. Jonathan Harker is lured to the castle in order to be killed […]

‘Argento’s Dracula 3D’ Gets An Official Trailer

With a limited theatrical run and a VOD release now officially just two weeks away, Dario Argento’s latest film now has an official trailer. Based on the original novel by Bram Stoker, Argento’s Dracula 3D pits the titular vampire against vampire hunter Van Helsing (Rutger Hauer). Check out the trailer below in all of its cheesy-effects glory […]