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‘American Horror Story’ Season 4 Gets Official Title, Setting and Casting Information

  Co-creator Ryan Murphy announced that the fourth season of American Horror Story would be titled American Horror Story: Freak Show.  Entertainment Weekly had more details as to the location, time period and casting, saying that the show is, “Set in Jupiter, Florida, in 1950, Freak Show finds Jessica Lange playing a German ex-pat who is managing one of […]

‘Phantasm: Ravager’ Teaser Already Released

We announced earlier this week that Phantasm: Ravager was not only confirmed, but was in fact already in Production before the announcement was made.  Surprisingly, the movie is already completed and it somehow remained a secret the whole time, which is amazing considering the Internet.  For the first time in the series history, the film […]

Michael Pitt Cast In Second Season Of NBC’s ‘Hannibal’

  There’s no denying that Michael Pitt (Bully, Funny Games) is a talented actor.  And it looks like he will be making a splash this year on TV, with a major role on NBC’s gruesome thriller Hannibal, according to Entertainment Weekly. Pitt is signed on to play the character of Mason Verger, the unstable wealthy […]