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Willow Creek (2013) Review

80 min. Written & Directed by Bobcat Goldthwait Willow Creek is a found-footage horror film that premiered last year at the 2013 Independent Film Festival of Boston. Since that time, the film has garnered favorable reviews from critics and has now officially been released On Demand. I had been looking forward to seeing this film […]

Dr. Morbid’s Top 5 Directors That Could and Should Make ‘Friday the 13th: Part 13’

  Recently it has been rumored that special effects legend Tom Savini has been approached to direct the next Friday the 13th.  This rumor was researched by the team at website Bloody Disgusting and has unfortunately been proven completely untrue.  What they did discover, however, is that Paramount Pictures and Platinum Dunes are currently in […]

Ti West’s ‘The Sacrament’ Gets A Red-Band Trailer

This past September, I had the great opportunity to attend the Toronto International Film Festival. One of my most anticipated films screening there was the latest from Ti West, writer-director of such horror films as The House of the Devil and The Innkeepers. That film now has a trailer. Ti West’s The Sacrament follows two journalists from Vice Magazine […]

Devils Pass (2013) Review

  Devils Pass follows a team of 5 American college students in search of answers about the mysterious death of a group of nine Russians in the 50’s. The team travels to the Ural Mountains in Russia to document what they find. Good: -Cool concept -Like winter/cold setting Bad: -Shit characters -so/so effects Found Footage […]

‘Devil’s Due’ Devil Baby Attack Prank Goes Viral

  In promotion of this weekend’s release of the found footage film Devil’s Due, the filmmakers have teamed up with an FX crew to terrorize the streets of New York City with an animatronic devil baby in a remote control stroller.  The last couple of years have seen some unique viral marketing campaigns for horror movies, […]

Bigfoot Thriller ‘Willow Creek’ Trailer

  What would happen if the Finding Bigfoot crew actually found Bigfoot?  Willow Creek is a 2013 independent found footage film about a couple interested in Bigfoot lore, and might have accidentally stumbled on the real thing.  It is directed by the talented Bobcat Goldthwait, and it will be interesting to see his take on the found […]

Found Footage Angle In New ‘Friday the 13th’ Confirmed, Adam Green Approached To Direct

According to Episode 26 of Adam Green and Joe Lynch’s The Movie Crypt podcast it would appear as though the found footage angle for the new Friday the 13th, which has been rumored for years, is indeed a legitimate possibility. Adam Green, director of Hatchet, confirms that he was approached to direct a Friday The […]

The Bay (2012) Review

Rated R 84 minutes. Written By: Michael Wallach Directed By: Barry Levinson The Bay is a found footage horror film surrounding the events of a gruesome environmental outbreak of mutated parasites during the annual Forth of July celebration. The film centers on a reporter who is thrown into this mess and her explanation of what […]