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New on DVD: World War Z (2013) Unrated Review

Unrated 123 minutes. Written by: Matthew Michael Carnahan,Drew Goddard, Damon Lindelof Directed by: Marc Forster . World War Z had several well-known problems during the Production that resulted in a bloated budget and a possible cinematic disaster.  Thankfully, despite the fact that it largely ignores Max Brooks novel that it is based after, this movie […]

Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013) Review

  Rated PG-13 105 minutes Written by: Leigh Whannell Directed by: James Wan . James Wan (he of the creepy puppet) is having some fun.  Already with one Conversed foot out of the horror game (he is next in charge of Dom Toretto in “Fast & Furious 7”) Wan is laying back a little, playing […]

The Bay (2012) Review

Rated R 84 minutes. Written By: Michael Wallach Directed By: Barry Levinson The Bay is a found footage horror film surrounding the events of a gruesome environmental outbreak of mutated parasites during the annual Forth of July celebration. The film centers on a reporter who is thrown into this mess and her explanation of what […]

Beneath (2013) Review

Rated R 90 min Directed by: Larry Fessenden Written by: Tony Daniel, Brian D. Smith   Beneath follows the typical formula of six teenagers going somewhere they shouldn’t go to party and celebrate and then suffer brutal deaths because of this. Only this time they decide to rowboat to an island and get attacked by […]