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Gentle Giant Resurrects A Controversial 1979 ‘Alien’ Figure

  Horror villains, such as Freddy and Jason, have always made good fodder for Boy’s action figures.  But back in 1979 there was an action figure that became so controversial that it was removed from shelves.  That action figure, created by Kenner, was an 18″ Alien figure, which was pulled because of parental complaints that […]

The Horror Remake Bloody Bracket – Round One: Halloween (2007) VS. Friday the 13th (2009)

THE HORROR REMAKE BLOODY BRACKET Round One The fourth showdown in Round One pits two of the most enduring horror movie franchises against one another. The first is a modern re-telling of what is perhaps the most universally-beloved horror film of all-time, while the other marks the latest entry in a franchise clearly influenced by […]

NECA 1970’S Styled Freddy & Jason Toys

  Check out these 1970’s styled NECA Freddy and Jason 8″ toys which are fully posable and feature real fabric clothing, Both toys are currently available for pre-order from online toy outlets, and can be purchased for around $25 each.  They’re set to begin shipping in October. Freddy’s toy is based after his very first appearance […]