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Michael Berryman Interviewed About ‘Army of the Damned’

  I have covered Tom DeNucci’s film, Army of the Damned, previously (in a review I gave it an 8 out of 10).  In this interview with Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes), he talks about his role in Tom’s film playing Crazy Earl, and working with the young director.  For more interviews and Behind-The-Scenes content, […]

Army of the Damned (2013) Review

Rated: R 90 mins. Written &  Directed by:  Tom DeNucci Army of the Damned is Tom  DeNucci’s second feature film and he shows much promise as a young 29 year old Director.  The films plot follows Police Captain Bridge, followed by a Cops-like reality TV show crew (the cameraman played by none other than ex-NSync […]

An Interview With Horror Director Tom DeNucci – Part 1

Tom DeNucci is a horror actor/ writer/ director who has been responsible for two full-length feature films in 2013, “Self Storage” and ”Army of the Damned”, the first of which is currently available on Netflix. He recently (October 19th) premiered “Army of the Damned” at this years Rock N’ Shock horror convention held in Worchester, […]