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Exclusive Trailer For Found-Footage Thriller ‘Happy Camp’

  As many of you know, Dr. Morbid is not much of a found-footage horror fan, unless it is done very well.  Most of the time I think it is used out of laziness or a lack of budget, but every now and then I am pleasantly surprised by one.  Happy Camp, produced by Drew […]

New Horror Film ‘Almost Mercy’ Promises A New Breed Of Terror, Co-Stars Kane Hodder And Bill Moseley

  The Woodhaven Production Company and Verdi Productions  announced that they will be producing three feature films over the next 10 months.  This includes Bad Hurt (a drama), Bleed For This (a boxing film that involves Oscar-winner Martin Scorsese) and last but not least, Tom DeNucci’s third feature film Almost Mercy. Tom DeNucci (writer/director of […]

Army of the Damned (2013) Review

Rated: R 90 mins. Written &  Directed by:  Tom DeNucci Army of the Damned is Tom  DeNucci’s second feature film and he shows much promise as a young 29 year old Director.  The films plot follows Police Captain Bridge, followed by a Cops-like reality TV show crew (the cameraman played by none other than ex-NSync […]