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The Origins of Kenny Kage – Episode 1: A Man With No Name

Six years ago, a group of newly-minted Rhode Island College graduates descended upon a Public Access Television studio in Pawtucket, Rhode Island with the intentions of crafting an unforgettable film review show. Seen by virtually no one, it’s safe to say ‘Frozen Flick Reviews’ was not the success story they had planned, but it did […]

First Official ‘Transformers 4: Age of Extinction’ Trailer Released, Prepare To Get Yagerfied!

Mark Wahlberg as a character named Cade Yeager + Dinobots − Shia LaBeouf (who’s apparently no longer famous) = Transformers: Age of Extinction.  So it looks like Michael Bay is back at it again, blowing the shit out of robots and buildings… only this time there are robotic dinosaurs.  Somehow, I’m still not very excited. […]