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The Origins of Kenny Kage – The Finale: Sabotage At The Connection

It’s all been building to this. In the epic conclusion to The Origins of Kenny Kage, Kage goes on the road to headline Rhode Island’s famous comedy club, The Comedy Connection, where he comes into conflict with his mortal enemy…the one…the only…Kyle Cerilli. The Origins of Kenny Kage – Episode 1: A Man With No Name […]

The Origins of Kenny Kage – Episode 5: Marv Albert, All Hopped Up

In the fifth, and your fearless editor’s favorite installment of The Origins of Kenny Kage, the man himself interviews local comedian “Steven Blueballs”. And yeah, it gets weird. The Origins of Kenny Kage – Episode 1: A Man With No Name The Origins of Kenny Kage – Episode 2: Andy Kaufman Reborn The Origins of Kenny […]

The Morbidly Amusing Heart Scorching Valentine’s Show Brings The Laughs February 11th

The Morbidly Amusing Comedy Series continues with its Heart Scorching Valentine’s Show. This is the 3rd stand-up installment presented by Morbidly Amusing & so far each has been an overwhelming success. This time we bring you a show just 3 days before Valentine’s Day. Are you depressed that you won’t have a date this year? […]

The 1st Ever Morbidly Amusing Comedy Show Set To Debut September 3rd

Morbidly Amusing is best known for showcasing the best and worst in horror and geek culture. However, Morbidly Amusing will now start showcasing stand-up comics as its first ever comedy show is set to premiere. Save the date as Wednesday September 3rd will see the kickoff of Morbidly Amusing Comedy. This grand spectacle will take […]

Jason’s Fatality Theater

For fans of Friday the 13th & Mortal Kombat: Ever wonder what would happen if Friday the 13th slasher Jason Voorhees stepped out of Crystal Lake and entered Shoa Kahn’s Arena? Well this video answers that question as the machete wielding madman observes the fatalities from Mortal Kombat (2011) and rates the most brutal. Enjoy […]

Kenny Nardozza’s Tortured Teacher’s Terrorscope (2013)

Have you ever wondered what happens when a Heavy Metal Moshing Maniacal Standup Comedy Machine becomes a teacher?!? The answer to that question is probably a no, however, my recent video from the world famous Comedy Studio entitled Tortured Teacher’s Terrorscope shows you the horrors of it all. Recorded on Wednesday, August 21, 2013, this […]