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So Here’s That ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Trailer

What else can I possibly say? It’s the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. Watch it…NOW.  

Dr. Morbid’s Top 10 Reasons Why the Star Wars Prequels Don’t Suck

  One of the great Kyle Cerilli’s last works for Morbidly Amusing, in which the immortal Dr. Morbid stews away in his lair coming up with ways to justify the existence of the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ (2008-2014) TV Series Review, And A Drinking Game

TV-PG 22 min. per episode Cartoon Network Okay, so in hindsight I should have tried to get this review STARTED in time to make sure it was going to be out for May 4th. However, I totally forgot that was ‘Star Wars Day’ until I started seeing all the “May the Fourth be with You” […]

Rian Johnson to Write & Direct ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’, Write Treatment For ‘Episode IX’

In quite possibly some of the most exciting news to hit the Star Wars franchise in quite some time, acclaimed filmmaker Rian Johnson is set to both write and direct Star Wars: Episode VIII, the follow-up to J.J. Abrams’ Episode VII. The initial report came via the folks over at Deadline, who first reported that Johnson was set to […]

“Star Wars” Spin-Offs Confirmed By Disney, Potential ‘Episode VII’ Title Revealed

Last Sunday was “Star Wars” day as May the 4th be with you has come and gone in 2014. So it comes as no surprise that Disney chose this week to confirm various projects. First of all, a possible title for “Episode VII” has been revealed. Many are speculating that it will be called “The […]

New Trailer For ‘The Clone Wars: The Lost Missions’ Which Is Set To Be Released On Netflix In March

In the wake of Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm several Star Wars projects were canceled.  This unfortunately included the surprisingly good animated series The Clone Wars, which never received a proper conclusion.  Thankfully, fans of The Clone Wars prayers have been answered, because the final 13 episodes of the show will be debuting on Netflix instead […]

New Details On ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Including Official Time Period And The Main Villain Casting

Ever since J.J. Abrams was announced as director of Star Wars: Episode VII, there have been plenty of rumors and also confirmations that have proven some rumors to be true.  Usually if you are into geek culture and movies, you are either a Star Wars or Star Trek fan, and while I enjoy both I […]