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Dr. Morbid’s Top 5 Directors That Could and Should Make ‘Friday the 13th: Part 13’

  Recently it has been rumored that special effects legend Tom Savini has been approached to direct the next Friday the 13th.  This rumor was researched by the team at website Bloody Disgusting and has unfortunately been proven completely untrue.  What they did discover, however, is that Paramount Pictures and Platinum Dunes are currently in […]

First Details About Stephen King’s Novel ‘Revival’, Cover Art Is Revealed

  How does Stephen King find the time to write so many novels?  There is news about one of his upcoming books that is going to be released later this year.  Stephen King’s new novel is entitled Revival and is set to be released from Scribner on November 11th.  The author’s official site has revealed […]

‘Under The Dome’ Paperbacks Finally Get Release Date

  Starting next month, Stephen King’s popular 2009 novel, Under the Dome, will finally be released in mass-market paperbacks.  It’s plural because the book is divided in half; with Part One coming out on February 25th, and Part Two arriving March 25th.  Took them long enough, given the popularity of the first season of the TV adaptation. These […]

R.L. Stine Makes His Long Awaited Return To ‘Fear Street’ Book Series

Before R.L. Stine gave us Goosebumps, he frightened us with his horror book series Fear Street, which launched in 1989, three years prior to his better known Goosebumps books.  Unlike those books, however, Fear Street was catered towards teenagers rather than children, often featuring more blood and gore. The Fear Street series takes place in the fictional city of ShadySide, Ohio, where teenagers […]

Stephen King’s Next Novel ‘Mr. Mercedes’ Revealed

  Stephen King’s next novel has been revealed.  Titled Mr. Mercedes, the book doesn’t appear to have supernatural elements, but does focus on a psychotic killer hellbent on murdering thousands.  Sounds awesome. Here’s the official synopsis for Mr. Mercedes:  “In a mega-stakes, high-suspense race against time, three of the most unlikely and winning heroes Stephen King has ever […]

Two Part Adaptation Of Stephen King’s ‘It’ Receives Director And Writer

Warner Bros. movie adaptation of the classic Stephen King novel It has an official director and writer.  Cary Fukunaga, the filmmaker behind last year’s adaptation of Jane Eyre, is director and will co-write the script with Chase Palmer, who previously adapted Frank Herbert’s Dune. It, like The Stand, is one of King’s biggest novels, and the plan is for the filmmakers to adapt the […]

Stephen King’s Killer Phone Adaptation ‘Cell’ To Reunite John Cusack & Samuel L. Jackson

Back in 2007, John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson united for the Stephen King adaptation 1408. Variety is now reporting that they will reunite for yet another King adaptation, this time of his story Cell, released back in 2006. Cell centers on an artist from Maine who is struggling to reunite with his son after a mysterious cell phone […]

Stephen King’s ‘Pet Sematary’ Getting Another Adaptation

  Stephen King’s novel ‘Pet Sematary’ was adapted for the big-screen back in 1989 and went on to earn its budget back five times over. Three years later it spawned a sequel and despite it being directed by the original’s Mary Lambert, it was widely considered inferior and the franchise met its end. Now comes […]