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“Ash is back, baby” in Latest Teaser for ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’

Ash Williams is back, and the proof is in the latest teaser for the upcoming Starz TV series Ash vs. Evil Dead. While this trailer only runs a measly 20 seconds, this is the first time we hear Bruce Campbell in the iconic role that launched his career since Army of Darkness hit the big-screen back in 1993. […]

Check Out The Graveyard Teaser For Season 7 of ‘True Blood’

  We are sharing a Dr. Morbid news story that he did not have an opportunity to post…enjoy! On April 4th Dr. Morbid reviewed the following TV trailer: Season 7 will be when True Blood will meet its ‘true death’.  The HBO series’ final season begins June 22nd and they have just released the first […]

‘Phantasm: Ravager’ Teaser Already Released

We announced earlier this week that Phantasm: Ravager was not only confirmed, but was in fact already in Production before the announcement was made.  Surprisingly, the movie is already completed and it somehow remained a secret the whole time, which is amazing considering the Internet.  For the first time in the series history, the film […]

Teaser Trailer For ‘Tex Montana will Survive!’ Brought To You By The Minds Behind Indie Hit ‘The Battery’

  Tex Montana will Survive! is the newest film produced by O. hannah Films, who are the filmmakers behind the surprisingly successful independent film, The Battery.  The film stars Jeremy Gardner in the lead role as Tex Montana, who played the character of Ben in The Battery.  Thankfully he has kept his incredibly manly amount […]

American Horror Story: Coven Teaser!

American Horror Story: Coven finally has a teaser full of returning cast members and some wonderfully disturbing imagery. It poses more questions than answers, and I’m stoked to see more. The third season in the horror anthology looks like it could be the creepiest, most menacing story in the series so far.  

“Chucky Slash & Dash” Game Announced

“Nobody fucks with the Chuck!”  Slimstown Studios announced an upcoming Chucky mobile game that is in development for both Apple and Android devices.  The game is an ‘endless runner’ where Chucky is forced to escape the Good Guys factory while, of course, killing security guards.  Here’s the  official teaser..     Courtesy of Arrow In […]