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Wes Craven: 1939-2015

On Sunday, the world lost one of the most iconic genre filmmakers of the last forty years. He burst onto the scene back in the 1970s with the controversial The Last House on the Left, created one of the most memorable horror villains of the 1980s in Freddy Krueger, and turned the genre he loved completely on […]

Dr. Morbid’s Top 5 Directors That Could and Should Make ‘Friday the 13th: Part 13’

  Recently it has been rumored that special effects legend Tom Savini has been approached to direct the next Friday the 13th.  This rumor was researched by the team at website Bloody Disgusting and has unfortunately been proven completely untrue.  What they did discover, however, is that Paramount Pictures and Platinum Dunes are currently in […]

Director And Full Cast Details For Upcoming ‘Wrong Turn 6’ Film

  Am I the only one that didn’t know there was a Wrong Turn 3, 4 and 5?  Now the first two films were definitely entertaining, but like Children Of The Corn  and Hellraiser the direct-to-DVD sequels seem to be never-ending.  So I guess, given the fact that there are 4 sequels to Wrong Turn, […]

‘Point Break’ Remake Announced, Main Cast Revealed

Point Break is most likely my favorite action movie of all time.  So it infuriates me that Hollywood has the nerve to remake a film that should never be remade, in the same way that it would be a travesty for Jaws to be remade.  These are films that represented the era in which they […]

Dr. Morbid’s Top 10 Best Horror Films of 2013

Merry Christmas boils and ghouls.  It has been a solid, if limited, year for the horror genre that was devoid of much big-screen attention.  Most of the films on this list either had a limited theatrical run or were just released to Video On Demand.  Hopefully next year horror films will start seeing a theatre […]

’12 Monkeys’ TV Pilot Being Developed By SyFy

SyFy is developing a pilot based on the Bruce Willis/ Brad Pitt film, 12 Monkeys. Aaron Stanford (The Hills Have Eyes) and Amanda Schull (One Tree Hill) are the project’s two leads.  The executive producer/ showrunner is Jeffrey Reiner (Friday Night Lights, Caprica), who will direct the pilot. The 60-minute pilot is being produced by Universal Cable […]

The Horror Remake Bloody Bracket – The Finals: The Hills Have Eyes (2006) VS. Maniac (2012)

THE HORROR REMAKE BLOODY BRACKET THE FINALS Sixteen remakes battled it out for horror supremacy and now only two remain: Alexandre Aja’s The Hills Have Eyes and Franck Khalfoun’s Maniac. Hills beat The Wicker Man, Halloween, and Dawn of the Dead on its way to The Finals while Maniac took down Evil Dead, Piranha 3D, and My Bloody Valentine. Which film achieves ultimate victory and reigns supreme in The […]

The Horror Remake Bloody Bracket – Round Three: Dawn of the Dead (2004) VS. The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

THE HORROR REMAKE BLOODY BRACKET Round Three The first matchup of Round Three pits Zack Snyder’s remake of a Romero zombie classic against Alexandre Aja’s update of a Craven hillbilly classic. Who comes out on top and advances to the Finals? Morbidly Amusing debates. Dawn of the Dead (2004) VS The Hills Have Eyes  (2006) Dr. Morbid: Dawn […]

The Horror Remake Bloody Bracket – Round Two: The Hills Have Eyes (2006) VS. Halloween (2007)

THE HORROR REMAKE BLOODY BRACKET Round Two Our second matchup in Round Two pits two remakes against one another born from originals made by two of the most successful filmmakers in the history of the horror genre. The first is Wes Craven, whose original Hills Have Eyes helped him get his foot in the door and give […]

The Horror Remake Bloody Bracket – Round One: The Hills Have Eyes (2006) VS. The Wicker Man (2006)

THE HORROR REMAKE BLOODY BRACKET Round One The third match-up of Round One pits two horror remakes from 2006 against one another. One is an update of a grisly Wes Craven flick from 1977, while the other takes everything about Robin Hardy’s 1973 original and turns it on its head. Do the radioactive psychopaths have […]