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‘The Purge: Anarchy’ Gets New Trailer

With the Summer months typically starved for big-screen horror fare, Universal is clearly hoping The Purge: Anarchy can pull in some of the hardcore fans amongst the onslaught of blockbusters. The latest trailer for the horror sequel highlights some new twists to the 12-hour crime-spree concept, so here’s hoping this turns out to be a good second […]

Prepare Yourselves For The Full-Length Trailer of ‘The Purge: Anarchy’

  The New Founders of America invited us here at Morbidly Amusing to celebrate our annual right to Purge on July 18, 2014.  Of course July 18th is when The Purge: Anarchy is set to hit theaters, which is the sequel to 2013¹s sleeper hit that I was highly disappointed with due to all the […]

‘The Purge: Anarchy’ Trailer Unveiled, Will The Concept Finally Live Up To It’s Potential?

The movie The Purge had a fantastic concept, but the execution kept it from being anything more than the typical home invasion flick.  The different ways that you can take this concept made this movie ripe to become a franchise.  The sequel, The Purge: Anarchy, takes the action outside the safety of home. Set to […]

Low-Budget Horror Was The Most Lucrative Genre For Hollywood In 2013

  Low-budget horror films gave Hollywood their biggest return on their investments in 2013, which is great news for the horror genre moving on into 2014.  The number one investment of 2013 was Insidious: Chapter 2, grossing $160 million worldwide from a reported budget of just $5 million.  The second and third most successful films?  The […]

Dr. Morbid’s Top 10 Best Horror Films of 2013

Merry Christmas boils and ghouls.  It has been a solid, if limited, year for the horror genre that was devoid of much big-screen attention.  Most of the films on this list either had a limited theatrical run or were just released to Video On Demand.  Hopefully next year horror films will start seeing a theatre […]

‘The Purge’ Gets A Sequel, Set For Release June 20, 2014

James DeMonaco’s The Purge was released back in June and went on to gross more than $64 million on a budget of just $3 million. Now comes the unsurprising news, courtesy of a press release by Universal Pictures, that a sequel to The Purge will be released next year on June 20th. The original’s writer-director James DeMonaco will […]