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Now In Select Theaters & On iTunes: Ti West’s The Sacrament (2013) Film Review

*This is a re-posting of our TIFF 2013 Review for Ti West’s The Sacrament, which was originally posted back on September 12, 2013. The Sacrament is in Select Theaters starting today, June 6th, and is currently available to rent on iTunes.   The second film to screen at the Toronto International Film Festival bearing Eli Roth’s […]

Ti West’s ‘The Sacrament’ Gets A Red-Band Trailer

This past September, I had the great opportunity to attend the Toronto International Film Festival. One of my most anticipated films screening there was the latest from Ti West, writer-director of such horror films as The House of the Devil and The Innkeepers. That film now has a trailer. Ti West’s The Sacrament follows two journalists from Vice Magazine […]

TIFF 2013 Review: Joe Begos’ Almost Human

The 1980s are one of those decades beloved by horror fans. Whether it’s the success of the genre itself during this time period or the cheesy yet beloved nature of many of the 80s horror features, it’s safe to say that there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight to horror directors paying homage […]

TIFF 2013 Review: Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno

The Midnight Madness program at the Toronto International Film Festival is currently celebrating it’s 25th year in providing horror and shock cinema fans alike with films borne from their ever-waking nightmares. One of the films among the line-up this year is Eli Roth’s first directorial feature since 2007, The Green Inferno. I got the chance to […]