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‘The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ Gets Restoration Screenings to Celebrate its 40th Anniversary, New Trailer

In lieu of the 40th Anniversary of Tobe Hooper’s 1974 horror classic, the film that changed the face of horror forever has received a new, restored print that is set to tour select theaters across the country starting this Saturday. Along with this new set of screenings (which you can check out a list of […]

Nicolas Winding Refn’s Next Film Will Be All-Female Horror ‘I Walk with the Dead’

Nicolas Winding Refn’s last film, the Ryan Gosling vehicle Only God Forgives, was one of the more divisive films of 2013, but if there’s one thing you can count on Refn for it’s his refusal to let any form of criticism get in his way. It’s with that in mind that we come bearing the news […]

‘The Best There Ever Was’ Concept Trailer Reveals Leatherface’s Origin Story

  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise has had a handful of sequels to Tobe Hooper’s 1974 classic that have told further stories of Leatherface and his twisted family, a reboot in 2003, which got its own prequel a few years later and most recently, this year’s Texas Chainsaw 3D disregarded the remake and its prequel and picked up directly […]

Black Christmas (1974) Review

Now this is what a slasher flick should be and exactly what I always want from the slasher movies these days but never get, hence my huge interest in the older slasher movies from time periods like the 80’s and 90’s. Four years before the unprecedented success of John Carpenter’s landmark American horror film “Halloween” […]

‘Poltergeist’ Remake Begins Filming, Cast Grows

As has become a custom in the horror genre, yet another remake of a classic fright-fest has begun filming and this time it’s a doozy. A remake of Tobe Hooper’s (or is that Steven Spielberg’s) 1982 classic Poltergeist began production on September 23rd in Toronto. The film is set to star Sam Rockwell, Rosemarie DeWitt and […]