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‘The Human Centipede III: The Final Sequence’ Gets Cast And Location Details

The Human Centipede III: The Final Sequence will be the final entry in Tom Six’s trilogy and features the casting of veteran actor Eric Roberts. Six also confirmed that Tommy “Tiny” Lister (No Holds Barred, Friday), Robert LaSardo (Death Race), and former porn actress (and former Charlie Sheen Goddess) Bree Olson, will make their Centipede debuts in the movie.  They join […]

Riddick (2013) Review

Rated R 119 minutes. Written by: David Twohy, Jim Wheat Directed by: David Twohy The End of a Bad Memory and the Beginning of a Trilogy Riddick is, for me, the most important release of fall.  Seriously.  I mean it.  I worship at the temple of David Twohy’s “Pitch Black” and was forced to wait […]