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‘The Walking Dead’: Season 5, Episode 5 “Self Help” Review

“It’s gotten to the point where everyone alive is strong now.” -Abraham- Episode 5, “Self Help”, was such a mixed bag of emotions, I don’t even know where to begin. It feels like what every fan had anticipated happening down the road was finally exposed with Eugene’s jaw-dropping confession. Abraham’s true colors were finally brought […]

‘The Leftovers’ Season 1 Review: Our Emotions & Their Consequences

“Look what I found.” Kevin Garvey (Justin Theroux) has a problem. He’s chief of police in Mapleton, a New York suburb reeling after the mysterious disappearance of more than one-hundred of their citizens three years ago. They just vanished, in the middle of their daily activities, no sign as to where they went or, better […]

Doctor Who: Series 8 Review – ‘Robot of Sherwood’

BBC America Showrunner: Steven Moffat Starring: Peter Capaldi, Jenna Louise Coleman & Tom Riley Series 8, Episode 3 – ‘Robot of Sherwood’  “Ha! Ha!” There’s quite a bit of that in this week’s episode, “Robot of Sherwood”. The story centers around The Doctor offering to take Clara to anywhere or anytime in the universe and Clara decides […]

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4, Episodes 12 “Still” & 13 “Alone” (2014) Review

Season 4 Part 2 of The Walking Dead is off and running but its not what I expected. All of the survivors have been split up into five groups with their own subplots. One group consists of Rick, Carl and Michonne who are on their way to the mysterious Terminus. Then there is Glen who […]

‘From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series’ Pilot Episode (2014) Review

You could say that I am a fan of Robert Rodriguez, besides the Spy Kids series, Once Upon A Time In Mexico and the awful Machete Kills.  Well, for those fans of his that haven’t heard the news, Rodriguez has launched his own television network entitled the El Rey Network.  NBCUniversal, based out of a […]