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Introducing Shudder, The Horror Fan’s Answer to Netflix

Netflix has long held the crown atop the online streaming service kingdom, but now there’s a new player in town interested in appealing specifically to a group of depraved, disturbed individuals. I’m of course talking about the horror aficionado crowd. Shudder is a new subscription-based video streaming service sporting a catalogue comprised of a vast […]

The Regurgitator Remembers Kyle Cerilli

  To honor the memory of our founder here at Morbidly Amusing, The Regurgitator branches out from his usual music reviews and pays tribute to Kyle Cerilli (Dr. Morbid) in a manner that could only be described as, well, morbidly amusing.  

Dr. Morbid’s Top 10 Reasons Why the Star Wars Prequels Don’t Suck: Special Edition w/ Boba Fett

  Dr. Morbid is back with his list of reasons why the Star Wars prequels don’t suck, but this time in true George Lucas fashion, it’s the Special Edition! Fulfilling Dr. Morbid’s original vision, we here at Morbidly Amusing have added everyone’s favorite bounty hunter Boba Fett to the proceedings, in footage shot by Dr. […]

The Regurgitator’s Rot Got Musical Revue – Over the Mountain

  It has been over a year since the world has last seen or heard from the being known only as ‘The Regurgitator’. Now, re-emerging from parts unknown, The Regurgitator is back with an all-new look and theme song. However, his signature, accurate, compelling and unbiased musical reviews are still intact. Why you could even […]

Dr. Morbid’s Top 10 Reasons Why the Star Wars Prequels Don’t Suck

  One of the great Kyle Cerilli’s last works for Morbidly Amusing, in which the immortal Dr. Morbid stews away in his lair coming up with ways to justify the existence of the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

“The House That Drips Blood On Alex” Video Review

Here is a video review of The House that Drips Blood on Alex by Dr. Morbid circa 2011. Until recently it was forgotten, but in lieu of Kyle’s passing, some videos were uncovered and there will be more posts when videos/footage become available. Stay Tuned! – Nathan Jacquard, Morbidly Amusing Films