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WTF? New Orleans ‘Pelicans’ Creepy New Mascot Scares The Sh#t Out Of NBA Fans

NBA fans expect to have a safe and family-friendly time, excluding maybe a couple of drunk fans yelling profanities, when they are going out to watch a professional basketball game.  This is not the case in New Orleans where their NBA team, the Pelicans, seem to want to terrorize the dreams of many young fans. […]

WTF?: ‘Bigfoot Erotica’ Book Series Becomes A Best-Selling Phenomenon

  WTF?  It all started with 50 Shades Of Grey, the erotic book that we’re all ashamed that our mothers have read.  Well now fans of monsters and of the show Finding Bigfoot, have something that they can now shamefully read.  Brought to you by a  suburban mom from Colorado with the pen-name Virginia Wade, comes […]