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‘Leprechaun: Origins’ Gets First Official Trailer

In news that looks to excite very few, Leprechaun: Origins has released its first official trailer. Set to star WWE’s own Dylan ‘Hornswoggle” Postl as the titular horror icon, Origins centers on a pair of young couples who, whilst traveling through the Irish countryside “quickly discover the idyllic land is not what it appears to […]

The Ultimate Tribute: The Passing of The Ultimate Warrior

If you were a fan of wrestling in the 1980’s then you knew The Ultimate Warrior.  He was a staple in that era of wrestling, a larger than life figure who captured the attention of his legions of fans by his surplus of energy and bizarre promos.  The man behind The Ultimate Warrior was known […]

Prepare Yourselves For ‘The L.A. Slasher’

Martin Owen’s upcoming directorial debut, titled L.A. Slasher, has been described as “a biting social satire of reality television.”  The film centers on a killer who targets reality TV stars, the kind of ‘celebrities’ that have achieved fame and notoriety thanks to their often time terrible actions, such as starring in sex tapes and drinking […]

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With This First Clip From ‘Leprechaun: Origins’

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day the WWE has released the very first clip from Leprechaun: Origins, the remake of the 1993 “classic” starring a young Jennifer Aniston.  The remake is the first film in the series not to feature Warwick Davis as the evil Leprechaun, instead replaced by the WWE’s pint-sized wrestler Dylan ‘Hornswoggle’ […]

Dr. Morbid Wishes You A ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night’: Looking Back At The Controversial Christmas Classic

Many Americans, specifically religious or over-protective parents, view Christmas and specifically Santa Claus iconology as holy and something that should be kept innocent and “child-friendly”.  So when Silent Night, Deadly Night was released in 1984 there was bound to be some controversy when a man dressed up as Santa Clause began hacking people up.  Over […]