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‘The Walking Dead’: Season 5, Episode 5 “Self Help” Review

“It’s gotten to the point where everyone alive is strong now.” -Abraham- Episode 5, “Self Help”, was such a mixed bag of emotions, I don’t even know where to begin. It feels like what every fan had anticipated happening down the road was finally exposed with Eugene’s jaw-dropping confession. Abraham’s true colors were finally brought […]

‘The Battery’ Finally Getting Released On DVD And Blu-ray

The Battery, for those who have never heard of it, is a micro-budget ($6,000) zombie film and the directorial debut of Jeremy Gardner, who co-stars in the movie alongside co-producer Adam Cronheim.  The film was very low-key and instead of focusing on killing zombies, it instead is more of a character study between two conflicting […]

Dr. Morbid’s Top 10 Horror Movie Posters of 2013

  Besides movie trailers, nothing makes me more pumped about seeing a new movie more than a bad-ass POSTER.  I remember back to my childhood and teen years when I used to go to the local rental store and spend hours looking through all the horror VHS covers, which were based after that film’s movie […]

Frank Darabont Rips “Sociopaths” Responsible For Him Leaving ‘The Walking Dead’

   AMC’s The Walking Dead, despite getting insane ratings, can’t seem to get away from negative press, especially with all the various show-runners being hired and fired.  Director Frank Darabont talked with Variety about his new show Mob City  that he developed not long after he went through the terrible experience of being fired from The Walking Dead, the cable […]

George A. Romero Dismisses ‘The Walking Dead’ As “Soap Opera”

The Walking Dead would not exist without the groundwork laid down by George A. Romero and his legendary Dead Trilogy.  Known as the Godfather of the zombie genre, his Night Of The Living Dead still remains one of the greatest horror films of all time, although I personally prefer his follow-up to it, Dawn of the […]

Dr. Morbid’s Halloween Advice For Movie Studios! or How To Save The Horror Industry

Dear Movie Studios, This October has been terrible for people trying to see a horror movie in theaters, as all they got was the lackluster remake of Carrie. But, as we inch closer to Halloween, the treats have been coming in faster and more furious than Vin Diesel for the Horror Community. First came the […]

Ex-NFL Player Brandon Lloyd Chooses Zombies Over Football

Instead of catching touchdown passes from Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, 32-year-old wide receiver Brandon Lloyd decided to pass on that opportunity and instead choose to act alongside Daniel Baldwin in a straight-to-video zombie film.  IMDB reports that the production costs for the film, entitled After Effect aka The Removed, are about $4 million less than Lloyd […]