Teaser Trailer For ‘Tex Montana will Survive!’ Brought To You By The Minds Behind Indie Hit ‘The Battery’


Tex Montana will Survive! is the newest film produced by O. hannah Films, who are the filmmakers behind the surprisingly successful independent film, The Battery.  The film stars Jeremy Gardner in the lead role as Tex Montana, who played the character of Ben in The Battery.  Thankfully he has kept his incredibly manly amount of facial hair that he had in the previous film.

The movie is a faux documentary that is aimed more towards comedy, and significantly less depressing than The Battery.  The film follows “Tex Montana, host of The Exploration Station’s second most popular show, ‘Tex Montana will Survive!’ has gone into the woods for thirty days to regain the trust of his fans after being exposed as a fraud who spent his nights sleeping in four star hotels. For the first time in his show’s seven seasons, Tex promises that what you are seeing is truly him, with only a camera and a microphone, surviving the wilds.”

The producer and co-director of Tex Montana will Survive!, Christian Stella, revealed the information about the film on the horror message board Dreadit, and this is some of what he had to say about the film, “Dreadit has been ridiculously kind to our movie The Battery, so I thought I’d share a VERY early look at a side project we made while waiting to start our next horror feature. Rather than let expectations get the best of us, we just went out and made what we wanted to make.”

He also shared some information about how the movie will be released, saying “we don’t know how we will release, but there is no pressure on us thankfully. There are no investors to please so we can release it however we want. I doubt we will draw it out like The Battery release has taken. I think the final methods of release will come down to how complete the movie feels as a narrative. As in, we know it’s going to be hilarious no matter what, but if it feels solid as a film we may pursue a few film festivals again. If it’s just plain silly and nothing else we’ll release it DRM-free for $1.99 or something. We’ve also discussed Kickstarting a Creative Commons release of the film as well as all original footage. The Kickstarter would be to help fund the next horror film most likely. But I’m only interested in Kickstarter as a platform to make a small pledge and when it hits the goal the whole world gets it for free.”

You can check out the teaser trailer for Tex Montana will Survive! below, and as more information is provided we will post it for you.  This movie actually surprisingly looks interesting and unique enough to give it a watch, so I am looking forward to checking this one out.