‘ThanksKilling’: The Only Killer Turkey Horror Flick You Should Be Watching This Holiday


A few years back, a friend and I were hanging out late one night and scouring Netflix for a late-night pick-me-up. The choices were limitless, but we settled upon a movie that we thought would either 1) make us feel better about our filmmaking failures, or 2) at least entertain the recesses of our minds. Well, what we got was a movie that did both. What we got was ThanksKilling.

Made on an estimated budget of $3,500, ThanksKilling, the brain child of writer-director Jordan Downey, tells the story of a killer turkey who sets his sights on a group of college kids looking to have some fun over Thanksgiving break. Voiced by Downey himself, the aptly named Turkie is the product of a curse borne from the mind of one pissed-off Indian. Basically, the story goes that this Indian cursed all white men with this killer turkey, who rises every few-hundred years to go on a murderous rampage in the town of Crawberg. Yeah, that’s right.

Full to the brim with cheesy one-liners, terrible cinematography, and sub-par acting, the real joy of ThanksKilling is its persistence in revelling in its own mediocrity. To be quite honest, you may know many a terrible horror film, but there are none quite like this one. It has some of the strangest scenes ever committed to video, with my personal favorite being the one highlighted in the above still.

Both Halloween and Christmas have long histories with the horror film, but for so long it seems Thanksgiving has been short-changed within the genre. While Eli Roth’s Grindhouse trailer may have whet your appetite, there is only one feature-length (well, 70 minutes) Thanksgiving-centric horror flick to watch this holiday. While for some reason it is currently not available to stream on Netflix, do your best to seek out ThanksKilling. And of course, Gobble Gobble Motherf***er!