The 1st Ever Morbidly Amusing Comedy Show Set To Debut September 3rd


Morbidly Amusing is best known for showcasing the best and worst in horror and geek culture. However, Morbidly Amusing will now start showcasing stand-up comics as its first ever comedy show is set to premiere.

Save the date as Wednesday September 3rd will see the kickoff of Morbidly Amusing Comedy. This grand spectacle will take place at The All-American Grill located in North Providence, RI (1759 Mineral Spring Ave). The show will start at approximately 8pm and will cost a mere $5. The show is also dedicated to our founder Kyle Cerilli (AKA Dr. Morbid).

It has been a little over 5 years since Kyle made his own stand-up comedy debut alongside myself as a member of the Gruesome Twosome. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t even be performing stand-up comedy to this day if it weren’t for Kyle Cerilli. I am delighted to honor his memory and present what hopes to be a monthly comedy showcase. The lineup was selected by yours truly and features some great up and coming talent so check them out below along with links to their Facebook pages.

RA Bartlett

Darik Santos

Rebecca Lucente

Etrane Martinez

Marie Forster

Adam Bramson

Hosted by Kenny Nardozza (AKA Moshing Maniac)

Don’t miss out on this fantastic comedy show. The only HORROR occurring that night is if you miss out!