The 2014 OSCARS Aftermath or Why Hollywood Sucks


The Oscars has, not surprisingly, made the safe and politically correct decision when it came to picking Best Picture. But before I start covering that, I will quickly wrap up what I thought about this years Oscars, and yes I saw just about every nominated film this year except Dallas Buyers Club and Blue Jasmine.

The highlight of the show was Spike Jonze winning for Best Original Screenplay for what was the most creative and unique film out of all the other nominees, Her.  Ellen also did a good job hosting by refraining from any theatrics and instead using her personality to carry her along.  She was quick and to the point, never extending the already too long Oscar Show.

And now to the awards that were pretty much guaranteed.  It was no surprise that Gravity won all the technical awards because the special effects obviously made the film worth watching.  Best Costume Design and Production Design obviously went to a period drama, The Great Gatsby, which is the type of movie that always wins this category.  And last but not least, the Best Original Song went not surprisingly to a Disney animated film, Frozen.

As for the Acting awards, I really wanted to see Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill win, but everybody knows that if you’re a good actor playing somebody that has AID’s or has a sex change, your probably going to win.  I am not going to complain though because I haven’t seen Dallas Buyers Club, and I respect Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto as actors.  Like usual though, the Oscars picked the politically correct film.


Lupita Nyong did a fantastic job playing a character that had to be a difficult and emotionally exhausting character to play in 12 Years A Slave.  I was surprised, with the way that the night was going, that Sandra Bullock didn’t win for Gravity, but I am very happy for Cate Blanchett.  I will definitely have to check out Blue Jasmine now, especially after all the strong female roles she went  against this year.

I thought Gravity was a very technologically amazing film, but Alfonso Cuaron did not deserve to win Best Director. The Wolf Of Wall Street was completely ignored and that also goes for Martin Scorsese, who has criminally only won ONE Oscar.  Hell, I could even see the Oscar going to David O. Russell, even though I thought American Hustle was slightly overrated.

Now on to Best Picture award, which went to the film 12 Years A Slave.  I thought the film was very well made but it was in no way deserving of being called the best movie of the year.  Her and The Wolf Of Wall Street were both more deserving of winning this prestigious award.  The Oscar went to 12 Years A Slave, which won strictly because of the topic of the film, which is slavery.  Was the Oscar committee afraid that they would be considered racist if they didn’t pick this film?

Listen, slavery was a terrible dark time in American History and I am not saying that stories like this shouldn’t win, but there wasn’t much to this film besides showing how much torment a single slave had to go through.  That’s not to say that the movie didn’t have some amazing performances and great direction, which it did, but besides that I bet that you can guess the entire movie just from the title alone.  The movie is about 12 years of a slave’s life before Brad Pitt frees him because “he is such a great guy”, or more like because he is the producer of the film.

I am willing to say what needs to be said because for every positive choice that the Oscar committee makes, such as nominating Jonah Hill or giving the award for Best Original Screenplay to Spike Jonze, they make other decisions completely based on safe, politically correct decisions.  The last that I heard the Oscars was an award ceremony dedicated to celebrating the best in achievement in film, not for the most socially conscious and important film. How many times can Martin Scorsese get screwed over by the Oscars?  I’m glad that he won for making The Departed, but in reality that movie isn’t even in his top 5 films that he has ever made.  Boo this show!  Booooo!