The 8th Season of ‘Doctor Who’ Gets A Full Trailer


We here at Morbidly Amusing have our fair share of regrets, and one of our major ones to date is our complete lack of Doctor Who coverage, especially considering the fact that most of our writers happen to be hardcore fans of the BBC Series. Well, the regrets end now.

Season 8 (or Series 8 for UK readers) of the newest incarnation of Doctor Who is set to premiere a little over a month from now on August 23rd on BBC America and we now have a full trailer to kick our anticipation into overdrive.

Peter Capaldi takes on the mantle of the 12th Doctor following Matt Smith’s regeneration in last year’s Christmas Special. The good Doctor will still be accompanied by trusty companion Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) and, if this trailer is any indication, he’ll be dueling once again with the villainous Daleks.

Check out the trailer below and be sure to check back here for what is sure to be many Who updates throughout season number 8.



Source: BBC