‘The Battery’ Finally Getting Released On DVD And Blu-ray


The Battery, for those who have never heard of it, is a micro-budget ($6,000) zombie film and the directorial debut of Jeremy Gardner, who co-stars in the movie alongside co-producer Adam Cronheim.  The film was very low-key and instead of focusing on killing zombies, it instead is more of a character study between two conflicting individuals.

It was released June 4, 2013 and has only been available on video-on-demand, which is how I watched it.  That is all about the change, however, because Shout! Factory has acquired the film rights to release The Battery on DVD and Blu-ray, hopefully getting the film to find itself the larger the audience that it deserves.

The news was just announced, so expect an official announcement by Shout! Factory along with the release details in the near future.  I personally enjoyed this movie, although I think that this film lost some of its momentum in the final act, but I think it deserves an audience if nothing but for Jeremy Gardner’s amazing skill in making a full-length movie with great production values on a limited budget.  If Gardner is given a higher budget, I can only imagine what he could make with it.


Courtesy of Screen Daily