The Halloween Hit List: Intruder (1989)


INTRUDER (1989) 


Unrated Director’s Cut

88 min.

Written & Directed By: Scott Spiegel

The only proper way (in my eyes) to start off any horror film list is with a heavy dose of some 1980s cheese. Borne from the mind of Scott Spiegel, high school classmate of Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell and co-writer of Evil Dead II, comes Intruder, an 80s slasher film about an overnight stock crew of a soon to be out of business supermarket. As they take last inventory of their products, they begin to be picked off one by one. Is it the ex-boyfriend of one of the employees who has been stalking them all night, or is there something more terrifying at work?

Now any film that sports acting roles from Sam and Ted Raimi is sure to have my attention from the get-go, but what truly makes Intruder an extremely entertaining slasher is its willingness to gore the store up. There are a collection of inventive kills, with Spiegel using every aspect of a supermarket to his advantage. The blood flows seemingly endless at times. As many collaborations between Spiegel and Sam Raimi, they tend to keep some aspects of casting in the family, as not only does Intruder have a Bruce Campbell cameo, one of its lead performances comes from Dan Hicks, best known for his role as Jake in Evil Dead II

Is it scary? That’s debatable at best.

Is it gory? Hell to the yes.

What’s the atmosphere like? Although it does try and go for an eerie atmosphere at times, the major selling point is its embracing of 80s horror to a tee. It’s entertaining because of its cheesiness.

Is it funny? Most definitely. When you learn the true motivation behind the killer’s murderous rampage, I challenge any one of you not to laugh.

How are the performances? It’s 80s horror. What more do you need to know?

Why does it belong on The Halloween Hit List? Ultimately the reason I chose Intruder for this list is because I knew virtually nothing about it before I watched it. I had no expectation for it and was pleasantly surprised by what I was seeing on-screen. Whether Intruder is actually a good film or whether it’s simply a piece of cheesy 80s horror, well, that doesn’t really matter. Intruder deserves to be here because if you’re the type of horror fan that enjoys a heavy dose of gore and seeing some of your horror icons get slashed up with the best of ’em, this is the flick for you. I highly recommend this film if you’re looking for an under the radar slasher to help you get in the Halloween spirit.