The Halloween Hit List: Jason Lives: Friday the 13th VI (1986)

The Halloween Hit List

Jason Lives: Friday the 13th VI (1986)


Rated: R

86 minutes

Written & Directed by: Tom McLoughlin

While The Final Chapter is my all-time favorite Friday the 13th sequel; due mainly to Corey Feldman, Crispin Glover and Tom Savini, Jason Lives is the better made film. Both films are the highlight of the series and star the same protagonist. Tommy Jarvis, now portrayed by Thom Matthews, returns to the gravesite of Jason Voorhees to lay his body to rest once and for good. But in true Frankenstein fashion, Jason’s body is struck by lightning and resurrected. Jesus Christ was resurrected, as was Jason.

There is a lot of creativity at work in this film, which is surprising for a fifth sequel in the series. We get a triple decapitation, an excellent RV scene and the climatic final confrontation between Tommy and Jason, which ends with the hockey wearing psychopath being chained to the bottom of the lake. Jason still had some life left in him and Jason Lives proved that the series was still a money maker.

So why was Part 6 chosen out of the twelve total Friday the 13th films to be included on The Halloween Hit List? Because Jason is a straight up monster in this film, with any semblance of once being human now completely gone. Plus, like The Return of the Living Dead, the movie opens with a graveyard scene. And last but not least… we get an Alice Cooper rock song about Jason during the closing credits.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. If I learned anything from watching this film, it’s that Jason Voorhees is the only horror villain worthy of a Bond opening.