The Horror Remake Bloody Bracket – Round One: Halloween (2007) VS. Friday the 13th (2009)



Round One

The fourth showdown in Round One pits two of the most enduring horror movie franchises against one another. The first is a modern re-telling of what is perhaps the most universally-beloved horror film of all-time, while the other marks the latest entry in a franchise clearly influenced by the former’s success. A match-up that pits two horror icons against one another for the first time, will Michael Myers butcher Camp Crystal Lake’s most famous patron, or will Jason slice Haddonfield’s most infamous down to size? We debate.

Halloween  (2007)



Friday the 13th  (2009)


Dr. Morbid: This was the toughest match-up in the first round. Rob Zombie’s Halloween gave us a more complete Michael Myers, with a completely fleshed out backstory. While I agreed with a Halloween reboot following the Busta Rhymes fiasco, I thought a reboot for Friday the 13th was unnecessary. We got one anyway however, and it turned out surprisingly well with Derek Mears doing the hockey mask proud. Rob Zombie squeaks by. Victor: Halloween

Ross Tweedy: Halloween all the way. Rob Zombie is a quality filmmaker and did a solid job creating a world around Michael Myers. He has a good ear for dialogue and recreated some of the original’s deaths rather nicely. I don’t really remember much about Friday the 13th other than the fact that it just was not very good. Move forward Mikey! Victor: Halloween

That Other Raimi Brother: Let’s make it unanimous. Rob Zombie continues to improve as a horror filmmaker and I await every new film of his with great anticipation. His update of Halloween proved to be a solid bit of filmmaking, although I was less than enthused by a second half that was essentially a retread of the original. The Friday the 13th remake is essentially an uninteresting update of an original film that wasn’t very good in the first place. Zombie wins this one handily. Victor: Halloween

Michael Myers proves Jason was best left at the bottom of Crystal Lake by taking all 3 votes.

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