The Horror Remake Bloody Bracket – Round One: The Last House on the Left (2009) VS. My Bloody Valentine (2009)



Round One

The fifth face-off in Round One pits a group of convicts against a man in a mask. The first film is a remake of Wes Craven’s directorial debut, while the other is a remake of an 80s horror flick that was a part of the new holiday-horror craze. Will The Last House on the Left do Wes Craven’s legacy proud, or will the 3D release My Bloody Valentine break its heart? Morbidly Amusing debates.

The Last House on the Left  (2009)



My Bloody Valentine  (2009)


Dr. Morbid: The original The Last House on the Left was unsettling and raw. The remake was better made, but that took away from some of its effectiveness. Aaron Paul was a stand-out, however. My Bloody Valentine made the best use of 3D horror, outside of maybe the Piranha remake. It’s gory, features full-frontal nudity, and the killer’s look is classic. My Bloody Valentine axes its way into the next round. Victor: My Bloody Valentine

That Other Raimi Brother: Although I enjoyed My Bloody Valentine in all of its 3D glory in theaters, I’ve caught it on television recently and it’s not exactly the kind of film that is easy to enjoy on repeat viewing. Being the world’s biggest Kerr Smith fan (I may be the only fan) it was nice seeing him with a role of some substance, and Tom Atkins’ presence certainly goes a long way. The Last House on the Left is a well-crafted remake that really took me by surprise in theaters. Not only does it have some good performances, but it has a visual flair all but absent in most recent horror films. Although My Bloody Valentine is campy and entertaining, The Last House on the Left is the better film. Victor: The Last House on the Left

Ross Tweedy: Neither of these flicks were very good, but the villain in My Bloody Valentine is cool. The mask and pick axe bring it all together. I’m not a huge 3D guy, but in this case it worked. Last House was just okay. My Bloody Valentine, see you next round! Victor: My Bloody Valentine

My Bloody Valentine proves pick-axing midgets is fair play and takes the match-up 2 votes to 1.

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