The Horror Remake Bloody Bracket – Round One: The Ring (2002) VS. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)



Round One

For our first match-up in Round One, we pit two horror remakes of the early aughts against one another. One is a remake of a Japanese horror flick made four years prior while the other is a re-do of an American horror classic made all the way back in 1974 by horror icon Tobe Hooper. Which will come out on top? Dr. Morbid, That Other Raimi Brother and Ross Tweedy debate.

The Ring  (2002)

The Ring Naomi Watts © Dreamworks


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre  (2003)


Dr. Morbid: The Ring, in my opinion, came out too soon after the foreign original. I also thought it was a little overrated amongst the horror community upon its release. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, while not much better, at least featured a rain-soaked Jessica Biel getting chased while her breasts bounced around. Win goes to Biel’s boobs. Victor: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 

Ross Tweedy: I have to go with The Ring, as I was freaked out by that video and all those dying horses. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre did what all the slasher remakes do and afford little room for any real person to care for its dumbass characters. The Ring was pretty atmospheric and the scares certainly raised my pulse. Goodnight Leatherface. Victor: The Ring 

That Other Raimi Brother: Under the guidance of talented filmmaker (at least he used to be) Gore Verbinski, The Ring succeeds in setting an eerie tone with creepy imagery to boot. It also sports an array of good performances, most notably from Naomi Watts and Brian Cox. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, while beginning with an interesting twist on the concept of the original, descends into a study in horror mediocrity. While I don’t think it’s absolutely terrible, it just comes across as an uninteresting rehash of one of the greatest horror films of all-time. Victor: The Ring

Capturing 2 out of 3 votes, The Ring wins the first match-up in Round One. 

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