The Horror Remake Bloody Bracket – Round Three: My Bloody Valentine (2009) VS. Maniac (2012)



Round Three

The second matchup of Round Three pits a pickaxe wielding maniac against a mannequin-loving maniac. Who comes out on top and advances on to the Finals? Morbidly Amusing debates.

My Bloody Valentine (2009)



Maniac (2012)


Dr. Morbid: My Bloody Valentine is a good, but not great slasher movie. Seeing it in 3D definitely enhances its appeal and it is one of the only horror movies to really take advantage of the technology in a positive way. Maniac however, is a fantastic remake that chooses an interesting angle from which to tell its story. It features a creepy psychopath as the main character and awesome gory violence from the same FX artist who works on The Walking DeadManiac slices through the competition. Victor: Maniac

Ross Tweedy: Having just seen Maniac recently, it is the clear choice for the Finals. For the most part, having the original mind(s) behind a remake at least make it palatable, and with Maniac that is surely the case. Elijah Wood is a goddamn creep of the highest order and the POV perspective makes it that much weirder. My Bloody Valentine is okay, but nothing special. Move along you ManiacVictor: Maniac

That Other Raimi Brother: This one isn’t even close. My Bloody Valentine is an entertaining horror flick, but really nothing more than that. Maniac is an exceptional, extremely well-crafted horror film that ranks among the best in recent memory. It has stunning cinematography, a great central portrayal of said maniac by Elijah Wood, and some very effective visual gore. Maniac takes this one handily. Victor: Maniac

Maniac cruises past the pickaxe and advances on to the Finals, 3 votes to none.

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