The Horror Remake Bloody Bracket – Round Two: My Bloody Valentine (2009) VS. A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)



Round Two

The third matchup of Round Two takes another Wes Craven original updated for modern day and pits it against a 3D tale of a man and his pickaxe. Both films survived close battles in Round One. Which moves on? Morbidly Amusing debates.

My Bloody Valentine  (2009)



A Nightmare on Elm Street  (2010)


Dr. Morbid: The Nightmare on Elm Street remake was a complete an utter failure because Robert Englund IS Freddy. Plus, the movie was shit. My Blood Valentine understood what kind of film it was and took full advantage of it. The 3D popped out, especially during the gore scenes. Overall, it was just mindless, bloody entertainment. Victor: My Bloody Valentine

Ross Tweedy: I never saw My Bloody Valentine in actual 3D so that experience does not figure into my thoughts on the flick, although the lovely and talented Dr. Morbid claims it adds some good stuff to the deaths. Personally, I’ve just never really cared for it. I also have no ties to the original in terms of its place in horror film history. Elm Street has Jackie Earle Haley and I think he is similar to say Adam Morrison of NCAA March Madness fame (a weird looking dude that can carry a movie/team for a few rounds). That’s how it goes for me. Freddy, move on! Victor: A Nightmare on Elm Street

That Other Raimi Brother: In the first round, I voted for Nightmare solely out of loyalty to Jackie Earl Haley. I’ve always been a fan of the actor and his feel-good comeback compelled me to at least get him into the second round. Unfortunately, the feel-good story ends here. The Nightmare remake has its fair share of problems, although I enjoyed it more than most. I didn’t vote for My Bloody Valentine in the first round because it was up against a film that I thought was superior. But hey, now I’ve got a second chance to vote for the amazing combo of Tom Atkins and Kerr Smith. I’m not turning that down. Victor: My Bloody Valentine

Jackie Earle Haley gets a pickaxe to the heart as the 3D charms of My Bloody Valentine compel it to the Final Four, 2 votes to 1.

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