The Horror Remake Bloody Bracket – Round Two: The Hills Have Eyes (2006) VS. Halloween (2007)



Round Two

Our second matchup in Round Two pits two remakes against one another born from originals made by two of the most successful filmmakers in the history of the horror genre. The first is Wes Craven, whose original Hills Have Eyes helped him get his foot in the door and give birth to Freddy Krueger. The second is John Carpenter, whose original Halloween made a mark so indelible on the horror genre that it spawned seven sequels. Neither of these filmmakers could have imagined that three decades later their originals would be updated for modern audiences and achieve a success all their own. So, which remake will live to fight another day? Morbidly Amusing debates.

The Hills Have Eyes  (2006)



Halloween  (2007)


Dr. Morbid: This one is tough. Alexandre Aja versus Rob Zombie in a battle of the remakes. The original Halloween was fantastic, classic slasher film, while the original Hills was an amateurish, flawed film with a great concept. This may sound weird because I do like Rob Zombie’s film a little better, but I think Aja’s follow-up to High Tension is a better overall remake. It takes the concept of the original and expands upon it, turning a mediocre film into a great one. Victor: The Hills Have Eyes

Ross Tweedy: I was not upset with Hills moving forward, although I did not vote for it. Rob Zombie is one of those filmmakers that tends to peak my interest every time he has something coming out and, as I stated before, he made some great moves in the flick to flesh out Michael (which I liked more than others). I have watched Halloween several times as opposed to the one time I viewed Hills, and that’s simply because I liked it more. Move on HalloweenVictor: Halloween

That Other Raimi Brother: If this was a vote about who the overall better filmmaker is, then Rob Zombie would have this handily. He continues to impress me with each one of his new films and I’m really hoping that one of these days he uses all of that talent to create an undeniably great film. I enjoyed the Halloween remake but was incredibly let-down by a second half that pretty much followed the original beat for beat. Alexandre Aja’s Hills Have Eyes remake was a pleasant suprise when I watched it recently and managed to improve upon its original by embracing its nuclear concept. If this was a matchup featuring Rob Zombie’s Halloween II the result may have been different, but it isn’t. Hills takes it. Victor:  The Hills Have Eyes

The nuclear freaks run Mikey into the hills as Eyes takes it, 2 votes to 1.

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