The Horror Remake Bloody Bracket – Round Two: The Ring (2002) VS. Dawn of the Dead (2004)



Round Two

From the sixteen horror remakes that made up our original bracket, only eight remain. As we move ever closer to All Hallow’s Eve, we here at Morbidly Amusing debate the competitors of Round Two and decide what horror flicks advance on to the final four. In our first matchup, Gore Verbinski’s remake of the creepy Japanese original takes on Zack Snyder’s update of George Romero’s zombie classic.

The Ring  (2002)



Dawn of the Dead  (2004)


Dr. Morbid: I’m just not a big fan of The Ring, especially since the Japanese version wasn’t that old when they decided to remake it. The original Dawn of the Dead is my favorite zombie film, so a remake initially felt unnecessary. Surprisingly, I found Zack Snyder’s Dawn to be highly entertaining and it remains the last zombie movie that Ving Rhames was good in. The fast-moving zombies devour the cursed VHS tape. Victor: Dawn of the Dead

Ross Tweedy: I dig both movies and while both are pretty well done for remakes, I give the slight edge to The Ring. I tend to like my horror flicks to be scary rather than just gory, and The Ring is just the right amount of creepy. Again, both films are solid and very reasonable second rounders, but creepy beats gory almost all the time. Move on Naomi. Victor: The Ring

That Other Raimi Brother: Although The Ring is a well-crafted film that definitely creeped me out upon its initial release, it doesn’t really hold up well when pitted against one of the best horror remakes, Dawn of the Dead. The original Dawn may just be my favorite horror film of all-time and while the remake isn’t that good, it’s an interesting remake that changes things up and puts its own twist on the zombie genre. And yeah, that zombie baby will haunt my dreams forever. Victor: Dawn of the Dead

The Zombies feast on Naomi Watts and company, taking the first matchup of Round Two, 2 votes to 1.

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