The Lowest Grossing Movie At The US Box Office For 2013 Was… ‘Storage 24’


Storage 24, a British sci-fi/ horror flick set in a self-storage facility, was the poorest performing movie at the US box office last year grossing a miserable 72 bucks.  Granted, the film only played at one theater for one single week, but still… that’s just terrible.

The film was shot on a reported budget of around 1.6 million and was actor/ film-maker Noel Clarke’s first film to appear in American cinemas following his cameo appearance in Star Trek: Into Darkness last year.  Clarke played the lead role and co-wrote the screenplay for Storage 24, the plot revolving around a group of people trapped inside a London storage facility with a menacing extraterrestrial.

Clarke told Movieweb last year: “[I thought] wouldn’t it be crazy if there was a serial killer that was killing people in one of these places? One day I woke up and I was like, ‘Don’t be ridiculous. A serial killer is ridiculous. An alien would be better.”

Storage 24, which was directed by Johannes Roberts, did slightly better in the UK with the film making $225,000, according to Box Office Mojo. The Guardian’s Jeremy Clarke handed the film a four-star rating upon its British debut two years ago. “An impressive if unoriginal monster is upstaged by – spoiler alert! – a cuddly toy dog with fireworks attached.  The whole thing proves unexpectedly entertaining.”, he said of the film.

A cuddly toy dog with fireworks attached, consider me intrigued.  As for the $72, I could film a movie of me taking a dump and that would gross better.  Is the movie deserving of this poor box office performance?   Well that is another question.  In my opinion you should check out this trailer and decide for yourselves.