The Morbidly Amusing Comedy Series Continues with its Holiday Xmas Show on December 17th


Last September was the premiere of the first ever Morbidly Amusing Comedy Show. The show was an overwhelming success and like any horror movie these days, it only makes sense to have a sequel.

Now, Morbidly Amusing Comedy is back on December 17th with its Holiday Xmas Show! The only thing to note this time is the show venue has changed hands. Last time around, it was held at “The All American Grille” and now it is in the same location, but is now going by a different name, “The Rusty Halo”. This place opened last month and is thrilled to host the show. “The Rusty Halo” is located at 1759 Mineral Spring Avenue, North Providence, RI. The show will start at 7pm and as a special Christmas present to all our fans, it will be FREE! Check out “The Rusty Halo” on Facebook for more info.

The Morbidly Amusing Holiday Xmas Show will be all about Complete Christmas Chaos. Another stellar lineup has been hand-picked to ensure everybody has a jolly good time. So don’t be a grinch, get down and support live comedy as this show will be anything but a Silent Night, Deadly Night. That’s right, there will be no Christmas Evil here as the comics selected will have yule cracking up, featuring…

Catherine Young

Christopher Swanson

Kelly Morse

Dan Martin

Hosted by the Moshing Maniac: Kenny Nardozza

Headlined by RI Comedy Legend and Hall of Famer: John Perotta

Special Guest Appearance: Santa Clause

Morbidly Amusing is all about surprises and pulling out all the stops. So, what would this Christmas show be without a special guest? Unfortunately the ‘Regurgitator’ was booked so we got the next best thing: Santa Clause. That’s right, good ole Kris Kringle will be crashing the show, delivering his unique, funny perspective on the holiday season. Who knows, maybe he’ll even reveal who has been naughty and nice on that list he checked twice. If you don’t want to end up on that naughty list, make sure you attend this free show dedicated to the memory of Dr. Morbid himself, Kyle Cerilli.

So, bring down some milk and cookies and get ready to party with the Morbidly Amusing Holiday Xmas Show on December 17th. Just be sure to drive safe, you don’t want to get run over by a reindeer!