The Origins of Kenny Kage – Episode 1: A Man With No Name

Six years ago, a group of newly-minted Rhode Island College graduates descended upon a Public Access Television studio in Pawtucket, Rhode Island with the intentions of crafting an unforgettable film review show. Seen by virtually no one, it’s safe to say ‘Frozen Flick Reviews’ was not the success story they had planned, but it did end up introducing the public access tv-watching masses to a creation so delusional, so unexplainable, and so downright offensive that the tapes of this creation were locked away…until now.

Borne from the mind of the comedic tornado that is Kenny Nardozza comes The Origins of Kenny Kage, a new web series that centers on the character of Kenny Kage, the self-proclaimed “biggest star in the history of public access television”. For the next six weeks, you will witness the beginnings of the man who humility forgot, from his first ever appearance on ‘Frozen Flick Reviews’ to his gig headlining Rhode Island’s top comedy club, The Comedy Connection, where a certain founder of Morbidly Amusing decides to make Kage’s life a living hell. This is all in preparation of Morbidly Amusing’s newest web series The Kenny Kage Show, coming sometime in late 2016.

In the first episode of The Origins of Kenny Kage, the still unnamed Kage takes part in a discussion of infamous May blockbusters that quickly descends into a thrashing of George Lucas, X-Men: The Last Stand and whoever the hell Shia ‘LaBeau’ is.

Now, strap in and celebrate April Fools Day with Kenny Kage.



Be sure to check back every Friday for a new installment of The Origins of Kenny Kage.