‘The Purge’ Gets A Sequel, Set For Release June 20, 2014


James DeMonaco’s The Purge was released back in June and went on to gross more than $64 million on a budget of just $3 million. Now comes the unsurprising news, courtesy of a press release by Universal Pictures, that a sequel to The Purge will be released next year on June 20th. The original’s writer-director James DeMonaco will return in a producing capacity along with Jason Blum, best-known for producing both the Insidious and Paranormal Activity horror franchises.

There is not yet word on whether any of the original’s cast will return, nor do we know who will be writing and directing the sequel, but with such a quick turnaround it’s safe to assume that production will have to begin shortly, if it hasn’t already begun.

The original Purge centered on a family holed up in their mansion on the one night of the year when all crime is legal. On this night, a group of masked strangers descend upon the family’s home to challenge their sense of security.

We here at Morbidly Amusing will have more news on the sequel as it becomes available.